Permanent J-pop idol

Do you know who Candies are ? unless you are Japanese people, I'm sure you don't know anything about candies. Canedies were a music group in Japan from 1973 to 1978. If you are interested in Japanese culture, you should listen to Candies music absolutely. Candies are still a absolute music group for Japanese people and were the greatest woman superstar for Japanese men. Therefore, I wanna introduce briefly Candies to you guys by using Youtube videos and I also want you to pay attention to cute costume of Candies.




She was born in Kichijoji of Tokyo. She yearned for THE PEANUTS and aimed at a singer. When she was a junior high school student, she entered Tokyo music school along with SUE and MIKI that met at a campsite. She passed an audition as a mascot girl of NHK in 1972 and she made her debut as a member of CANDIES in 1973. At first, she took charge of a chorus part from left side position. However, when 5th EP "MY YOUNGER BOYFRIEND" was released, she became a lead vocal and changed into central position. Fortunately, this change ended in big success. 5th EP "MY YOUNGER BOYFRIEND" became a big hit song for the first time. After that, CANDIES became accepted as a popular group in Japan. and she united the group as a leader very well until 1978 CANDIES breakup.

After CANDIES breakup, she became an actress in 1980 and is working on TV or stage even now.


She was born in Senju of Tokyo. In her childhood, she wanted to be a ballerina. However, she met with opposition from her grandmother and got to learn Japanese classic music "MINYO" instead of that. Really, this experience was useful for becoming a singer. In common with RAN, since she was a passionate THE PEANUTS fan, she had a dream to become a singer. However, her assertion for becoming a singer met with opposition from her parents. After all, since she could not change her mind over that, her parents could not but accept her opinion. She got to attend Tokyo music school along with RAN and MIKI. She passed an audition as a mascot girl of NHK in 1972 and she made her debut as a member of CANDIES in 1973. She took charge of lead vocal between 1st EP and 4th EP. but CANDIES would not get a hit song. Therefore, CANDIES manager proposed that RAN takes charge of lead vocal because he felt that CANDIES need an adult-like atmosphere a little. When CANDIES released 5th EP "MY YOUNGER BOYFRIEND", she changed into chorus part and changed into right side position. However, it's only EP records. Of course, she took charge of lead vocal in many songs of LP records. As a result, 5th EP "MY YOUNGER BOYFRIEND" ended in success. After that, CANDIES became a popular group in Japan and were widely noticed until 1978 CANDIES breakup.

In common with RAN, she came back to show business as a actress in 1980. At first, she had resistance to comeback. However, since she was thinking that she wanted to encourage her younger brother who had a incurable illness, she could not but make up her mind. Speaking of music, she one time released a solo album in 1984. However, after that, she retired from singing as a singer. She got Japan Academy Award for Best Actress in 1989. That movie name is "black rain". After that, she became got fame as an actress.

Unfortunately, she passed away because of breast cancer on April 21, 2011. Since she hid her illness except for her family, manager and RAN&MIKI until the last, her fans met with a big shock. from her death, about 6 weeks before, Japan encountered a big earthquake. Therefore, she recorded her speech into a tape recorder to express her lamentation to the sufferers of the earthquake. Needless to say, she left her gratitude to her family, RAN&MIKI and many fans. This touching tape was opened to the public on television and Japanese people met with deep sorrow. She was truly affectionate and beautiful until the last.


She was born in Setagaya of Tokyo. She had the biggest talent for music among all members because her parents were working at a college of music. She was able to get much knowledge of music naturally. When she was a member of CANDIES, in recording studio, she went so far as to instruct a arranger that this musical score is incorrect. Although she had strong ability to sing, speaking of EP records, she took charge of lead vocal only once on 16th EP "The Trap". If anything, more than EP songs, she had showed her ability in LP songs. We can say that she was the queen on LP records. And she was able to write wonderful songs like "MY LONGING". She did not only sing but also write many good songs.

After CANDIES breakup, one time, she came back to the music industry in 1983 and released a solo album at that time. However, after that, she didn't show up as a singer again and retired entirely from show business.